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Graham North          Magician and Mindreader

(c) Copyright 2001 Graham North. All rights reserved
Magical Entertainment

In this technological age entertainment is often confined to a box in the corner of the room. I believe that if live entertainment is to survive, an act must not only excite an audience, but actually involve  them. We don't just perform to our audiences, we have fun  with them, and they go away having had a great time.

Here are just two of the highlights from our fast-paced act that combines mystery with comedy.

Electric Sawing A lady or girl is chosen from the audience to take part in a competition where the prize is the opportunity to be sawn in half by Graham - using a real, and very sharp, 12 inch electric jigsaw!

Through a One Inch Hole This is a remarkable trunk illusion performed with the assistance of two audience members. Jane is tied with rope and pulled into the inspected and locked trunk through a one inch hole in it's front side! That's the trunk, by the way that we're sitting on, and yes, that is  the hole that Jane sqeezes through!

Other Stuff  We're constantly updating and improving the magic that we bring to our audiences. No two performances are ever the same. Who knows what wonders will next emerge from my cabinet of mysteries?

Graham North and Jane