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An Experiment
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Graham North          Magician and Mindreader

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An Experiment
Look into my eyes

Am I right, or am I wrong? Please let me know. The law of averages says that I should be right only 20% of the time. I am aiming for 90% or over!

On the next page you will find my email address. Please send a note telling me your result. When I have enough for a sample, I'll publish them on this site.

What follows is not a trick. Believe me. It's a genuine experiment in psychological control, and I need your help to conduct it. Please follow the instructions carefully and respond with your result. Thank you.

I'm going to show you five playing cards, face down. Move your pointer to the cards and they will turn over.

Choose one card from the five and move your pointer away.


Concentrate on that one card only.


Now move your pointer to the card below, and turn it over.

This is the card
in your mind